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WinGestion is an application aimed to commercial management, including warehouse and light accounting management, for businesses in most sectors.

All in the same program you have available Point of Sale or POS, Billing, and Accounting and Receivables. It also allows local networks to be used with any type of network environment, including Linux systems.

WinGestion stands out as a very competitive product that is robust and powerful, and is known for being easy to use. Also, WinGestión is prepared to take full advantage of e-Commerce and e-bill.

Principal Characteristics:
- Supports all versions of Windows, Linux, and Novell
- Supports all types of local networks.
- The ability to interconnect stores, branches, and central
- Highly intuitive graphical environment, nice and fast.
- Supports multiple businesses, multiple tasks, and multiple users.
- Automatic warehouse and stock control.
- Cash sales and complete billing, including tickets, waybills, invoices, and estimates.
- Clients can access their bill from the Internet with the optional e-bill.
- Document Visual Designer, allows for customizing the format of the tickets, waybills, invoices, and estimates.
- Book of tax support and tax impacts
- Possibility to use billing measurements.
- Export lists into multiple formats, including PDF.
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